ILC PROJECT [ 国際リニアコライダー計画 ]

Science X Hello Kitty

Advanced Accelerator Association promoting science and technology (AAA) teamed up with Sanrio to produce “Science X Hello Kitty” for ILC communication. This adorable collaboration is aimed to pick up the interests from the people who don’t have usual contact with science. To purchase Science X Hello Kitty, visit our web store

Who is Science X Hello Kitty?


Hello Kitty is known throughout Japan as the poster girl (poster cat?) of kawaii, a segment of pop culture built around all things cute. But recently she took on a new job: representing the proposed International Linear Collider.

Japanese government has been seriously discussing if Japan should host this huge international science project, setting up the expert panel. The panel pointed out that the ILC should gain public support to get a green sign, given the scale of the project in terms of the size and cost. Matter of course, but this is not as easy. ILC is not even an authorized project yet, and it is a project for the particle physics research, one of the most unfamiliar research fields.

This is where Science X Hello Kitty come in.

What is Science X Hello Kitty riding on?

Science X Hello Kitty is riding on something looks like a yellow tube. This is a scientific devise called cryomodule, an important component of the International Linear Collider. Inside the cryomodule, superconducting accelerating cavities will be lined up, and accelerate particle beam to nearly speed of light. At the completion of the construction of the ILC, 1700 of cryomodules, 850 each for electron and positron will be installed in a straight line.
This yellow tube also look like a telescope. ILC actually obserbe the phenomenon that occurred at just after the beginning of the universe, like the telescope.

What is a formula behind Science X Hello Kitty?

In the Science X Hello Kitty’s background, you see difficult-looking symbols. This is called “Lagrangian.” Lagrangian is a formula that describes all the characteristics of elementary particles. Lagrangian on the back of Science X Hello Kitty is  a Lagrangian for fermions, the matter particles. ILC is expected to solve this mystery.

Science X Hello Kitty Fashion

What kind of close do you imagine from science?  Many of you might imagine lab coat. But Science X Hello Kitty doesn’t, because no particle physicist dress in lab coat. Experiments using accelerators involve many engineering and hands-on works, so usually scientists dress casual like chinos.

She dress tidy tucking in her shirt tails, pens in her pocket, waring glasses, and have a Lagrangian ribbon on her ear. This is Science X Hello Kitty mode.

Part of the Science X Hello Kitty sales will be used for ILC Communication

Clear folders(2 designs:350yen), Ball point pen(650yen), Key chain(600yen), T-shirt(3000yen)are available in store and internet store.

Part of the saled of Science X Hello Kitty goods will be used for ILC communication activities toward the realization of the ILC. We thank you for your understandings and warm supports.

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